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Industrial Hand Cleaners

Dissolves grease and oil based soils

True Gritt Antimicrobial Industrial Hand Cleaner with citrus oil to efectively dissolve grease and oil based soils commonly associated with industrial and plant settings. Natural, biodegradable, industrial strength. No solvents or harsh chemicals, petroleum free as defined by OSHA. 99.99% Time Kill. Safe, efficacious and pass the Chlorine Equivalency Test at 200 ppm. Special emollients to combat dryness. Industrial hard-working hands are prone to cuts, cracking and dryness. These hands need special care. Formulated as an antibacterial soap with gritt (little scrubbers at work). Does not contain pumice thereby eliminating the problem of clogging pipes.

Packaging in Bottles
5060-420-02 4 / 1 gallon
5060-480-02 80 / 2 oz. bottles


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