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INOFOAM Touch Free Foam Dispenser

  • Part #: TF-INOFOAM-U
  • 1000 ml
  • Fits the FL1000 product line
  • 1 drip tray
  • Comes with 4 D Batteries and a 2 year warranty

Inofoam Touch Free Foam Dispensers work with these products available in 1000ml pouches:


Promo Packs also available for this dispenser in the following part numbers:

  • 5062-1100-TF Foam Hand Wash
  • 5063-1100-TF Antibacterial Foam Wash with .3% PCMX
  • 5064-1100-TF E-2 Food Handling Foam Wash with .6% PCMX
  • 5065-1100-TF Hair & Body Foam Wash
  • 5067-1100-TF Waterless Foam Hand Sanitizer
  • 5068-1100-TF Waterless Sani-Guard-SF Sanitizing Foam
  • 5082-1100-TF Green Tea Mandarin
  • 5083-1100-TF Orange Cilantro

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