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Manual DiscPump Dispenser

Twice as much product, same space

Our Manual DiscPump Dispenser is a space saving system that takes the same amount of space as the traditional bag-in-box systems but provides twice as much product. The unique DiscPump valve on the front of the refill conforms to the interior design of the dispenser with no outer box required. Refills include the no-clog valve for complete emptying. One-hand push operation. ADA Compliant.

Dispensers are available in black and white. Designed to hold 1000ml and 2000ml pouches.

Dispensers can be hot stamped with your logo.

L1000W 1000ml White DiscPump Dispenser
L1000B 1000ml Black DiscPump Dispenser
XL2000W 2000ml White DiscPump Dispenser
XL2000B 2000ml Black DiscPump Dispenser

Inoderm Soap and the DiscPump Soap System Work Well Together

Soaps are manufactured from non-synthetic products and their natural, PH balanced, biodegradable formula will not irritate or sensitize the skin.

Antibacterial soaps and lotions have passed the Chlorine Eqivalency Test and Time Kill Study.

Ideal For:

  • Healthcare and Medical Facilities
  • Foodservice
  • Sports & Athletic Facilities
  • Warehouses & Factories
  • Commercial Businesses

Manual DiscPump Dispensers work with these products:

1000 ml. 5011-L1000 Enrich Pink Lotionized Hand Soap
1000 ml. 5013-L1000 Mild Antimicrobial Healthcare Soap
1000 ml. 5014-L1000 E-2 Food Handling Soap
1000 ml. 5015-L1000 UltraBath Hair & Body Shampoo
1000 ml. 5022-L1000 DermaCream Moisturizer
1000 ml. 5025-L1000 DermaGel Waterless Hand Sanitizer
1000 ml. 5031-L1000 Style Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap
1000 ml. 5080-L1000 Clearly Green Liquid Soap
2000 ml. 5011-XL2000 Enrich Pink Lotionized Hand Soap
2000 ml. 5013-XL2000 Mild Antimicrobial Healthcare Soap
2000 ml. 5014-XL2000 E-2 Food Handling Soap
2000 ml. 5015-XL2000 UltraBath Hair & Body Shampoo
2000 ml. 5021-XL2000 Dermex Waterless Antimicrobial Moisturizer
2000 ml. 5022-XL2000 DermaCream Moisturizer
2000 ml. 5025-XL2000 DermaGel Waterless Hand Sanitizer
2000 ml. 5031-XL2000 Style Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap

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