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Manual Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Easy refills, metered push-bar control

Our Manual Bag-in-Box Dispenser has a metered push-bar control that dispenses the right amount of product needed for each use. Each bag is sealed and sanitary. Bag-inBox packagin makes refills easy to store and handle. This system ensures cost efficiency and dependable performance. One-hand push operation. ADA Compliant.

Dispensers are avialable in black and white. Designed to hold 800ml and 1000ml Bag-in-Box. Bag-in-Box packaging comes in 500ml, 800ml and 1000ml. We offer a variety of valves to fit most dispensers on the market.

Private Label: With a one-year commitment, we will custom design a box. Dispensers can be hot stamped with your logo.

404-110 800ml White Bag-in-Box Dispenser
404-110B 800ml Black Bag-in-Box Dispenser
404-110L-WHT 1000ml White Bag-in-Box Dispenser
404-110L-BLK 1000ml Black Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Bag-in-Box Dispensers work with these products
packaged in 500ml, 800ml and 1000ml:


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bag-in-box dispenser from inopak 

dispenser for soaps, hand sanitizers and body wash