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Dermex Waterless Antimicrobial Moisturizer

Antimicrobial lotion, skin cleanser, and moisturizer

Dermex is a protective lotion that provides relief and comfort to red, irritated, chafed skin. A unique antimicrobial skin cleanser and moisturizer (with .35% PCMX) which prevents drying, flaking and scaling of the skin. The unique properties aid the body in the growth of new cells by revitalizing the epidermis.

Packaging in Bottles
5021-420-02 4 / 1 gallon
5021-440-03 24 / 8 oz. bottles

Packaging for Liquid DiscPump Dispenser
5021-XL2000 Dermex waterless antimicrobial moisturizer 4/2000ML

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dermex moisturizer

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