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DermaCreme Moisturizer

A total body moisturizer with Aloe Vera

DermaCreme is the total body moisturizer containing Aloe Vera. DermaCreme is a creamy lotion that soothes and smoothes dry, chapped skin provding immediate and lasting relief. Its raspberry fragrance leaves the skin smelling fresh and clean. For use by healthcare staff, patients and residents to smooth and moisturize rough, dry sking on hands, arms, legs, elbows, heels, pressure points, face, torso and back. DermaCreme is also ideal for Sports Facilities, Country Clubs, Hotels, Offices and any place with sinks or showers.

Packaging in Bottles
5022-420-02 4 / 1 gallon
5022-440-03 24 / 8 oz. bottles

Packaging for Liquid DiscPump Dispenser
5022-L1000 DermaCreme Moisturizer 8/1000ML
5022-XL2000 DermaCreme Moisturizer 4/2000ML

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