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inopak hand care products and systems

Inopak - Hand Care Products & Systems

for a cleaner tomorrow

We work hard to design and manufacture the best Hand Washing Products and Systems available for janitorial and healthcare personnel. We focus our efforts on the following six major topics.

  • Delivery system
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Low skin irritation
  • Ease of use
  • Good aesthetics
  • Natural ingredients

The heart of the system:
The valve at the base of the pouch is the heart of the system. It is heat sealed into the pouch, and the entire pouch/valve assembly becomes welded together to form a closed system which encloses the product. The patented valve automatically closes within a milli-second even before the Press Bar is allowed to return with the release of the hand pressure upon it. The automatic valve action guarantees no air and no product can re-enter the sealed system.

Antimicrobial effectiveness:
All of our products in the healthcare line are tested by a private lab and show excellent time kill and pass Chlorine equivalency.

Low skin irritation:
The Inoderm line of soaps is all formulated from natural ingredients that will not strip the skin of their natural oils. All of the products are Ph balanced and contain emollients and conditioners. In order to combat irritation, low levels of perfume and color are used.

Ease of use:
The patented dispenser is equiped with a special formulated two face tape that will bond to most surfaces. It also has anchors for permanent installations. The dispenser is ADA compliant making it handicap accessible. It has a large viewing window for refill notification.

Natural Ingredients:

The soaps are manufactured from non-synthetic products such as coconut and corn oils. This is the only product available that is 100% biodegradable anaerobically. All natural. Non toxic. No chemicals. No Ethoxylated alcohols.